• Stall when you arrive on the fairgrounds
  • All other pre stalling is now closed

QUESTIONS REACH OUT TO [email protected] OR BY PHONE AT 419-966-2239



There will be three options for stalling junior show cattle at the Ohio Beef Expo March 16-19, 2023

option 1

The first option will allow exhibitors to bid on remaining viaduct bays or a limited number of premium stalls (not to exceed 25% of the stalls) in Gilligan, or buy stall blocks in the horse barn at a fixed rate. The purchase of premium space is not required and solely up to the discretion of exhibitors who wish to secure specific stalls. All proceeds from the premium stalls will be used to benefit the Ohio Beef Expo Junior Show. 

The online auction will be held on Show Circuit Online Sales on Feb. 22, 2023. 


Beginning March 8 and ending March 10, exhibitors will have the opportunity to select their top three stalling preferences in Gilligan by filling out the online form - the same form that was filled out last year. Exhibitors will be able to stall in groups or individually. All stalling forms will be time stamped, so submissions will get their first choice according to when the form was submitted online. There will not be an additional cost for these spaces.


The last option is to stall when you get to the fairgrounds. This will allow exhibitors to stall in the remaining spaces at no additional cost.


  • Manure will be placed in the manure dumpsters 
  • Trash needs to be placed in the respective trash cans 
  • No matter the location of stalling for exhibitors, ALL exhibitors MUST check in at the junior show office prior to stalling at Expo to ensure that all Entry Fees and Memberships are paid


  • All viaducts will be sold with the expectation that their is a minimum of 10 head per bay 
  • Mulch is NOT provided 

Horse Stalls: 

  • Will be sold in lots of 3 stalls in a consecutive order. Official stall numbers will be assigned and given upon arrival at the fairgrounds
  • Horse stalls MUST be put back to how they were found to receive deposit refund in the Junior Show Office. No refunds will be issued after the completion of Ohio Beef Expo.
  • Exhibitors get the stall directly across the aisle from the ones they purchased (same as Clark County stalling).
  • Mulch provided 

Gilligan Building:

  •  Mulch provided

OTHER Guidelines:

1. All exhibitors MUST be a current OCA Member before submitting stalling requests
2. All cattle MUST be entered and entry fees MUST be paid online before submitting stalling requests
3. Group stalling is available, and only one person from the group needs to fill out the form
5. Any questions, contact [email protected]

 Download stalling info