2022 Ohio Beef Expo Junior Show champions

The 34th Ohio Beef Expo was held March 17-20 at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio. The Expo, hosted by the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA), is the premier event for Ohio’s beef industry covering many facets of the beef world with seedstock shows and sales, a trade show, a competitive junior show and much more all in one place. 

 For the first time in the history of the Expo, the Junior Show activities were held in the coliseum.  

 The Junior Show set a record this year with over 950 entries. Showmanship was held Friday followed by the Market Animal show on Saturday and the Heifer show on Sunday. Junior Showmanship was judged by Garrett and Gretchen Lampe, IL, Market Animals were evaluated by Tim Fitzgerald, IN, and the Heifer show judge was Glen Martin, TX. The champions of this year’s show are as follows: 

Market Animals
Grand Champion - Avery McGuire, Champaign County –  Champion Crossbred
Reserve Champion - Ryleigh Egbert, Auglaize County – Reserve Crossbred
3rd Overall - Paige Pence, Clark County – 3rd Overall Crossbred
4th Overall - Delaney Jones, Allen County – 4th Overall Crossbred
5th Overall Cody Foor, Licking County – 5th Overall Crossbred
6th Overall - Essie McGuire, Champaign County – Champion Maine-Anjou 
7th Overall - Luke Fulton, Miami County – Champion Market Heifer
8th Overall -   Austin Sutherly, Clark County – Champion Chianina
9th Overall - Mason Kinney, Huron County – Reserve Chianina
10th Overall - Henleigh Painter, Licking County - Reserve Maine-Anjou 

Champion Angus - Madison Paden, Guernsey County
Reserve Angus - Macie Riley, Fayette County 

Champion Charolais -  Skyler Ward, Preble County
Reserve Charolais -  Trenton Braska, Richland County

Champion Chianina - Austin Sutherly, Clark County

Reserve Chianina - Mason Kinney, Huron County

Champion Hereford -  Trevin Redd, Wyandot County

Reserve Hereford - Logan Brinksneader, Darke County 

Champion Maine-Anjou - Essie McGuire, Champaign County

Reserve Maine-Anjou - Henleigh Painter, Licking County 

Champion Shorthorn -  Gage Farrar, Jackson County

Reserve Shorthorn - Carson Pahl, Wyandot County 

Champion Shorthorn Plus - Evelyn Koehler, Fairfield County

Reserve Shorthorn Plus - Kyleigh Hatfied, Muskingum County 

Champion Simmental - Carson Barton, Clinton County

Reserve Simmental - Brayden Ross, Adams County 

Champion AOB - Kaitlyn Mattis, Perry County

Reserve AOB - Gage Farrar, Jackson County 

Champion Market Heifer - Luke Fulton, Miami County

Reserve Market Heifer - Kade Gowitzka, Richland County 

Champion Division 1 Crossbred - Stella Koehler, Fairfield County

Reserve Division 1  Crossbred - Annette Augustine, Ashland County 

Champion Division 2 Crossbred - Delaney Jones, Allen County

Reserve Division 2 Crossbred - Kathy Lehman, Richland County 

Champion Division 3 Crossbred - Paige Pence, Clark County

Reserve Division 3 Crossbred - Fox Morgan, Perry County 

Champion Division 4 Crossbred - Avery McGuire, Champaign County

Reserve Division 4 Crossbred - Ryleigh Egbert, Auglaize County 

Champion Division 5 Crossbred - Cody Foor, Licking County

Reserve Division 5 Crossbred - Jack McDaniel, Champaign County 

Champion Overall Crossbred - Avery McGuire, Champaign County

Reserve Overall Crossbred - Ryleigh Egbert, Auglaize County

3rd Overall Crossbred - Paige Pence, Clark County

4th Overall Crossbred - Delaney Jones, Allen County

5th Overall Crossbred - Cody Foor, Licking County 

Grand Champion -  Montana Hulesmeyer, Allen County - Champion Crossbred Heifer
Reserve Champion - Delaney Jones, Allen County - Champion Angus Heifer
3rd Overall - Brayden Cummings, Highland County - Reserve Crossbred Heifer
4th Overall - Samantha VanVorhis, Wood County - Champion % Simmental Heifer
5th Overall -   Samantha VanVorhis, Wood County - Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer
6th Overall - Hannah Schaub, Auglaize County - Champion MaineTainer Heifer
7th Overall - Kathy Lehman, Richland County - Champion Purebred Simmental Heifer
8th Overall - Samantha VanVorhis, Wood County - Reserve Angus Heifer
9th Overall - Alyssa Carter, Warren County - Champion Shorthorn Heifer
10th Overall - Erin Pope, Gallia County - Reserve MaineTainer Heifer 

Champion Angus - Delaney Jones, Allen County
Reserve Angus - Samantha VanVorhis, Wood County 

Champion % Charolais - Gabe Montgomery, Licking County
Reserve % Charolais - Wyatt Binckley, Licking County 

Champion Charolais - Kathy Lehman, Richland County
Reserve Charolais - Ellis Davis, Highland County 

Champion Chianina - Wyatt King, Seneca County
Reserve Chianina - Becca Pullins, Meigs County 

Champion Hereford - Jacob Weichart, Putnam County
Reserve Hereford - Delaney Chester, Morrow County 

Champion High % Maine - Evelyn Koehler, Fairfield County
Reserve High % Maine - Raymond Beneker, Butler County 

Champion Mainetainer - Hannah Schaub, Auglaize County
Reserve Mainetainer - Erin Pope, Gallia County 

Champion Shorthorn - Alyssa Carter, Warren County
Reserve Shorthorn - Logan Schroeder, Defiance County 

Champion ShorthornPlus - Samantha VanVorhis, Wood County
Reserve ShorthornPlus - Tyler Dahse, Gallia County 

Champion Purebred Simmental - Kathy Lehman, Richland County
Reserve Purebred Simmental - Hudson Drake, Ross County 

Champion % Simmental - Samantha VanVorhis, Wood County
Reserve % Simmental - Kathy Lehman, Richland County 

Champion High % AOB - Hannah Schaub, Auglaize County
Reserve High % AOB - Jenna Young, Harrison County Champion 

Low % AOB - Tucker Shepard, Henry County
Reserve Low % AOB -  Mackenzie Koverman, Scioto County 

Champion Crossbred - Montana Hulesmeyer, Allen County
Reserve Crossbred -  Brayden Cummings, Highland County 


Top Ten Beginner Division:

Champion - D’lelah Laber, Highland County

Reserve - Colby Hoffman, Union County

3rd - Garrett Reusch, Medina County

4th - Blake Osborn, Highland County

5th - Brayden Cummings, Highland County

6th - Avery Flax, Clark County

7th - Avery Sautter, Sandusky County

8th - Taylen Thompson, Fairfield County

9th - Claire Kramer, Hancock County

10th - Emma Helsinger, Preble County 

Top Ten Junior Division:

Champion - Andrew Johnson, Preble County

Reserve - Karissa Treadway, Warren County

3rd - Caiden Daugherty, Morrow County

4th - Kolten Greenhorn, Greene County

5th - Kendall Bishop, Clark County

6th - Jocelyn Belleville, Wood County

7th - Asa Minton, Adams County

8th - Ella Reed, Fairfield County

9th - Reide Black, Tuscarawas County

10th - Gavin Richards, Wood County 

Top Ten Novice Division:

Champion - Natalie Jagger, Morrow County

Reserve - Anabelle Harris, Preble County

3rd - Porter Beck, Morrow County

4th - Lane Rizor, Morrow County

5th - Brade Wright, Perry County

6th - Colton Worden, Crawford County

7th - Grace Tuttle, Clark County

8th - Vivian Gibbs, Sandusky County

9th - Trenton Braska, Richland County

10th - Cole Kleman, Putnam County 

Top Ten Intermediate Division: 

Champion - Tucker Shepard, Henry County

Reserve - Samantha VanVorhis, Wood County

3rd - Delaney Chester, Warren County

4th - Carly Sanders, Highland County

5th - Sydney Sanders, Highland County

6th - Logan Schroeder, Defiance County

7th - Emma Yochum, Highland County

8th - Caylee Sager, Fulton County

9th - Delaney Jones, Allen County

10th - Colton Beck, Morrow County 

Top Ten Senior Division:

Champion - Skylar Ward, Preble County

Reserve - Kathy Lehman, Richland County

3rd - Beau Johnson, Gallia County

4th - Jacob LeBrun, Scioto County

5th - Brooke Stottsberry, Noble County

6th - Calvin Trigg, Franklin County

7th - Macie Riley, Fayette County

8th - Montana Hulsmeyer,  Allen County

9th - McKaylynne Helmke, Tuscarawas County

10th - Shayla Sancic, Stark County

Photos of the winners can be found here.

Posted: March 24, 2022